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Breathtaking backyard amenities to add to your home this summer
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4 Breathtaking Backyard Amenities to Add to Your Home This Summer

If you are thinking of giving your backyard an update, what amenities do you think will add the most value to your outdoor experience? The trend for families to spend more time outdoors is not going away any time soon, so when you add a feature to your outdoor living space, you want to be sure you will use it and it will be worth the investment. Juniper has a list of four breathtaking backyard amenities to add to your home this summer. One or more of these suggestions could transform your backyard into the oasis you have always dreamed of.

1) Covered Outdoor Living Area

One of the biggest trends in outdoor living is the outdoor living room. This area is an extension of your indoor space with all the comforts you would find inside your home. Because you want to be able to use this area in all types of weather, a covered space is essential.

First of all, shade is a requirement to provide maximum comfort and protection from the sun. Define the area with a colorful outdoor rug and invest in comfortable cushioned seating and side tables. Suspend lighting above.

This amenity will become a focal point in your backyard and a natural gathering spot for friends and family. Creating an outdoor living area could be the thing that finally makes your backyard experience live up to your dreams.

2) An Outdoor Cooking/Dining Space

Another hugely popular backyard amenity to add to your home this summer is an outdoor cooking and dining area. Most of us have a grill of some kind in the backyard, but the new designated cooking and eating spaces available today take outdoor cooking and dining to new heights.

Juniper has an outstanding selection of grills as well as outdoor dining furniture in a style that you will love. Imagine yourself cooking for family and friends while they sit in comfort around your gorgeous new outdoor dining table and keep you company. No more flipping burgers outside on your own while the guests visit elsewhere. 

3) Add a Fire Feature and Seating Area to Your Home This Summer

Whether it is an outdoor fireplace, a fire pit, or a fire table surrounded by comfortable seating, this area will be a destination for family and friends alike. Once the summer darkness settles in, your outdoor fire feature is a spot to which people naturally gravitate.

Toast s’mores, sip beverages, stargaze, and find yourself enjoying conversations that go on for hours. Add one to your home this summer, and we bet you will find yourself using it in fall and spring as well.

4) Add a Swim Spa to Your Home This Summer

One of the most breathtaking backyard amenities to add to your home this summer is a swim spa. Smaller than a pool and larger than a hot tub, a swim spa combines the best features of both. A swim spa is a less expensive alternative to an inground pool and can be used year-round.

There are many benefits to exercising in a swim spa with assorted accompanying accessories to vary your fitness routine. After your workout, you can relax in the warm water and enjoy the hydrotherapy features that come with your swim spa. A swim spa is an amenity that can totally transform your outside space and enhance your backyard in ways you never thought possible.

Find the Backyard Amenities You Need at Juniper

Spring is here and summer is on its heels. There is no time like the present to add some amenities to your backyard that will improve its style and functionality. These four breathtaking backyard amenities to add to your home this summer could be the very thing that creates the outdoor living space you have always wanted.

Whether you add just one or all of them, Juniper is your number-one resource for outdoor furniture, fire features, hot tubs, swim spas, and above-ground pools. Come into our Appleton, Wisconsin, location and talk to our staff about these products and financing options. There is nobody who cares more about your home enjoyment than we do!

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