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6 Ways Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Benefit from Regular Sauna Use

You’ve probably heard about the unbelievable physical health benefits of saunas. Saunas can improve heart health, boost the immune system, and help with weight control. But the benefits of owning and using your own sauna go far beyond just the physical body: invigorating, rejuvenating, and healing the mind and soul as well. Here are three of the body-mind-spirit benefits you derive from regular bathing in your own home sauna.

1. Sweat It Out

The human body is complex and intricate. It has its own inner thermostat that triggers sweat production when in a high-temperature setting. The body lets go of the stubborn, excess water retention. It also cleans out skin pores through sweating. After a hard day of outdoor activity or a busy day at work, your sauna is a wonderful, welcome retreat. Not only does your sauna relieve muscle aches and pains, but it also allows for recovery time after trying out that brutal workout.

2. Release Tension and Anxiety

The calming effects of the sauna are quite profound. As your body temperature rises, you will experience deep relaxation and a sense of peace that is likely to leave you feeling more connected to your inner self. The heat from the sauna also helps release tight muscles, relieving tension and stress in the process.

3. Better Sleep for a Well-Rested Mind and Spirit

A session in your sauna can improve the quality of your sleep. Studies show that people who take regular saunas immediately before bed feel more relaxed, fall asleep faster, and have deeper sleep throughout the night. With better rest comes improved mental clarity and elevated moods, not to mention a healthier body in general due to the increased energy levels you’ll experience when you’re well rested.

4. Brain Break

Saunas are a great place to unwind and calm the mind from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Self-care is usually at the bottom of our to-do lists, especially for parents of little ones and those in high-stress jobs. Take some time to calm all the spinning thoughts and the need-to-do tasks. Release and relieve your stress and enjoy the serene peace and quiet of your personal sauna.

5. Emotional Clarity and Rejuvenation

The calmness of the sauna can provide an opportunity to become more aware of one’s emotions. The heat from the sauna will allow your body to relax, allowing you to connect with your inner self. This is a perfect time for reflection, meditation, and enjoying some solitary moments that are important for emotional clarity.

6. Soulful Reflection

Philosophers and faith-based leaders remind us that the soul/spirit is the heart of humanity. A spirit that runs emotionally empty seldom has a positive outlook on life. Take the time to sit in the quiet of your sauna. Checking in with your emotions and thoughts creates balance. Your outlook on life becomes less pit-of-gloom and more unicorns and rainbows. A home sauna should be an adult’s “time-out” space!

Find Your Sauna for Body, Mind, and Spirit at The Pool People

Caring for yourself is not a selfish motive. A sauna is a great place to unwind, calm your mind and ease your tensed-up body. Let The Pool People introduce you to the perfect sauna for your home, your health goals, and your budget. 

Come into one of our convenient super-sized showrooms in Appleton, Wausau, Stevens Point, or Rhinelander for the best Pro 6® home sauna to fit your home and needs! In no time you’ll be experiencing the transformational benefits of your own personal sauna.

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