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3 Ways to Use a Hammock

As the weather gets warmer here in Wisconsin, everyone is starting to think about all the ways to spend time outside each day. We’re all looking forward to fun outdoor activities like swimming, grilling, and camping. One fun way to spend some time outside this summer is in a hammock! With the multiple ways to use a hammock, you can easily find a place that works for you. Trees are a great hanging option, but you can still hang one without them. Here are 3 ways to use a hammock this year.

Breezy Deck Dreams with a Hammock

With all sorts of relaxing applications, people really get into the different ways to use a hammock. There are all kinds of places you can hang a hammock this year. If you’re going for an outdoor hammock, trees are always a great go-to for hanging; however, if your backyard is more barren, there are lots of other hammock-hanging options as well.

You can use your porch or deck to set up a comfortable, breezy space for your hammock relaxation. You can attach your hammock to unscreened porch or pergola columns, or have a freestanding hammock stand that can be moved wherever you need it. You’re usually looking for a distance of 8 to 9 feet apart for wherever you want to hang your hammock. You can even have one on your screened-in porch. Then, lean back and relax as you dream the days away in the breezy outdoors. Whether you are sunning, snoozing, or reading, a hammock is a great addition to your patio.

Poolside Lounging with a Hammock

You’ve designed the ideal space in a backyard pool. The only thing that could make it more perfect is a gorgeous Pawleys Island hammock from The Pool People. Your made-in-the-USA hammock features the best in poolside lounging comfort. It’s also a great place to sit and watch the kids as they splash and play in the pool. Use your evenings and weekends to relax and unwind from stressful days. Your comfy hammock will be your go-to place for the ultimate in poolside pleasure. And with quick-dry options from Pawleys Island, you can even swim and lounge without damaging your beautiful new hammock.

Camping Comfort with a Hammock

People usually bring hammocks on camping trips for a fun place to relax. But did you know you can also sleep in a hammock? There are several variations of sleeping hammocks you can use for a camping or hiking trip in place of a tent. They are unbelievably portable and easy to install. With quilted, quick-dry, and soft-weave hammocks from Pawleys Island, you can design a comfortable, relaxing space to spend those camping retreats. With endless ways to use a hammock while camping, you’ll want to retreat to the beauty of nature over and over again.

Get Your Pawleys Island Hammock Today

Whether you’re looking for a backyard, deck, poolside, or camping hammock, you’ll find everything you need at The Pool People. Our extensive hammock offerings from Pawleys Island are perfect for any application. If you’re really looking to spruce up your backyard, we also sell several outdoor products, from grills to pools and spas. Visit one of our convenient Wisconsin locations and find these great ways to use a hammock, as well as other incredible offerings to help you build the best backyard space.

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