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A game of foosball will help you survive winter now that football is over
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3 Ways to Survive Winter Now That Football is Over

Football season is over…but winter is definitely not. You could spend the next couple of months watching football replays, but we’ve got a better idea for you. A great way to survive the rest of the frigid season is to upgrade your game room. With foosball and billiard tables, as well as arcade games and more, you’ll get your sports action fix with your family and friends. Here are three great ways to survive winter now that football is over.

Play Some Foosball

What’s the next best thing to watching football on TV or tossing a ball in your backyard? Playing a fun, competitive game of foosball! Invite all of your best buddies over and create your own foosball league. Compete for the title of champion and throw a foosball party that can rival any Super Bowl party.

We carry quality foosball tables from brands like Tornado, Olhausen, and Brunswick. So, not only do they play great, they look great, too.

Shake It Up with Billiards

Replace your leather football with phenolic resin pool balls for the remainder of the winter. Billiards can give you your sports fix, without needing to go outside. Plus, there’s a ton of different games you can play on a billiards table, so you’ll never run out of things to do. You can even invent your own game with your friends.

Choose from our great selection of billiard tables from brands like Olhausen, Golden West, Brunswick, McDermott, Cuetec, Pechauer, and more. And we offer all of the billiard supplies you need like billiard cloth, cue chalk, racks, billiard cues, and pools balls.

At-Home Arcade Games

Don’t want to drive down to the local pizza parlor to play some sport arcade games? Head on down to The Pool People to check out our selection of sport arcade games. An in-home arcade can be a fantastic upgrade to your game room. You can even upload great plays to YouTube™ to connect with other arcade gamers — all from the comfort of your own home.

The Pool People have everything you need to survive winter now that football is over. From foosball and billiard tables to arcade games, you’ll never be bored during the cold months again. Stop by any of our three showrooms to check out our selection of quality games. We’ve got the perfect match for you.

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