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3 Ways to Survive Winter in Wisconsin Without Going Stir Crazy

We all remember all too well being stuck inside when the pandemic first hit Wisconsin in a big way. Sometimes winter in Wisconsin can bring back those not-so-fond memories. How can you prepare ahead of time to be sure your time stuck inside this winter doesn’t make you go stir crazy? At Juniper, we have several recommendations to ensure your family stays entertained and (mostly) argument free.

1. Stock up your game room.

If you have a basement or a spare room, now is the time to repurpose it for winter in Wisconsin! At Juniper, we have amazing game room furniture to ensure that the décor flows with the rest of your home as well. You can add things like pool tables, poker tables, air hockey, foosball, ping pong, arcade games, and so many other gaming options! This will serve to provide entertainment to anyone in your home and hopefully your friends and neighbors as well. Hand select your favorite games to get started in making the ultimate winter hideout for your family. 

For more variety, save one of your walls for shelves to store a collection of board games and puzzles for even more hours of fun. Especially if you need entertainment in case the power goes out.

Once you have chosen your favorite gaming tables, you can add things like a bar and/or a mini fridge to your game space for snacks and drinks. This will allow you to entertain yourselves and guests without having to go up and down stairs repeatedly. To solve this problem, consider getting a pool table that converts to a dining table. This will allow you a dining space to host everyone, and then a pool table to entertain for hours.

2. Choose a hot tub for the deck or patio.

After you have completed the ideal game room setup for your family, you will want to add a hot tub to your deck or covered patio. If you can’t do that, then consider grabbing an outdoor building to store your hot tub in. This will allow you to use your hot tub no matter the weather outside! What more can you ask for than games, family time, and then a good long soak in a hot tub?

3. Grab a sauna for the ultimate luxury.

Adding a sauna will really take your space to the next level of luxury. This allows you to have spa days (and stay warm!) at home any time you want. If the weather is too awful to venture out in, you can relax in your very own sauna. It also provides yet another space in the home for people to get some much-needed private space if they have been together for too long. Sometimes it’s okay to have a relaxing moment alone!

Get Everything You Need to Survive Winter in Winconsin at Juniper

At Juniper, we are brimming with ideas and options to ensure that your family doesn’t drive each other crazy this winter in Wisconsin. Come by and chat with one of our experts to see what is possible in your space! We can’t wait to help you enhance your home.

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