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3 Tips for Planning an Above Ground Pool Installation

You’ve decided to take the plunge and transform your backyard into an oasis of cool, refreshing tranquility. Adding an above-ground pool on your property is an excellent and affordable investment that the whole family will enjoy for many years to come. Installing your pool shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking process. Once you’ve determined how much space you have and the pool size you want, hang on to your pool float and look at these 3 tips for planning your above-ground pool installation. 

Tip 1: Get a lay of the land.

Your above-ground pool is going to be quite heavy! As you take a look around your backyard, it’s important to look at factors that can affect the cost or increase installation time. Consider these important factors:

  • Look at the slope of your yard. While it is always easier to install a pool on a level yard, advancements have made it possible to install a pool virtually anywhere.
  • Soil type is important. You do not want unstable soil. The best support for your pool is soil that is not too loose. Soil type will be a determining factor of the steps needed to be taken for pool stability.
  • Don’t forget about drainage. Your pool installation can change the way storm water will run off your property. Make sure that consideration is given to how water will be directed away from your pool and not left standing up against the sides of your pool.
  • Make accessibility for construction as easy as possible. Take into consideration how installers, materials, and equipment will come and go to the location you’ve chosen. 

Tip 2: Check for state and local requirements.

Before starting, contact your local building inspections office to find out what the above-ground pool installation requirements are. Regulations are usually based on federal codes and are similar from state to state. But each state and community has the right to alter these codes to make them either more rigid or lenient, and this will always trump national code requirements. Three common regulations concerning pool location are:

  • Above-ground pools are never allowed in front yards. In some cases, side yards are forbidden as well.
  • In most communities, your above-ground pool must be a minimum of 10 feet from other buildings, fences, and property lines.
  • Above-ground pools are not allowed to be placed over any underground sewer, water, or utility lines.

Tip 3: Thinking About Pool Maintenance and Convenience

Location really is everything, even when considering pool maintenance and convenience. Look at these important factors.

  • Choose a spot where you typically have the least movement of people, yet close enough to your house that you aren’t walking a mile to get there. 
  • Ideally, choose a location that is free of trees. Fewer trees surrounding your pool means less time you have to spend cleaning out leaf debris. You also won’t have to worry about potential damage to the floor of your pool due to tree roots. Having the bonus of less shade and more sun also means a warmer pool without the use of a pool heater.
  • Make sure to leave clearance around the entire pool and to have a hose close by for adding water to your pool and for cleaning the filter.
  • Install a GFCI outlet near your pump. You may also decide to go with a salt generator and underwater lights that need a power source. Having a convenient GFCI outlet is ideal and decidedly safer than stringing power cords across your yard.

Don’t wait to have the above-ground pool you’ve always wanted. Contact Juniper Pools today. We offer a great selection of Doughboy®, Embassy®, and Cornelius® pools. You will find the perfect above-ground pool for the backyard oasis of your dreams here at Juniper Pools located in Appleton, WI.


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