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3 Tips for Grilling the Perfect Burger

So, you’re looking to grill the perfect burger? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve got some excellent tips for grilling the most delectable burgers around. Our grilling tips are sure to help you make delicious burgers this summer.

Regardless of whether you prefer cheddar or American for cheese, or brioche or pretzel for buns, you have to pair it with a perfectly cooked burger patty to make sure you’re serving up a true winner. Grilling the perfect burger requires more than just know-how — you have to have the right components and ingredients. Follow these tips to become the best griller on your neighborhood block.

Tip #1: Preparing the Grill and the Ingredients

First off, make sure the grill you’re using is clean. Dirty grills can give your burger an unexpected flavor profile and ruin all your hard work before you’ve even begun. If you happen to have one of the Kamado Joe grills that we sell at The Pool People, we have some information about how to properly clean them.

If your grill is more traditional, similar to our Memphis Wood Fire Grills, make sure to clean the grates thoroughly with a grate brush. It might help to rub some oil on the grates as well and really make sure there are no leftovers from your last grilling session.

It’s not just about the grill, though. The meat is pretty important as well. Don’t go for overly lean ground beef when grilling the perfect burger. You need some hamburger meat with a little fat in it. The 80/20 mix is a good rule of thumb when it comes to ground beef for burgers.

Also, keep that hamburger meat cold, especially after you shape it into patties. Doing that helps the patties keep their shape. No one wants to grill a crumbly burger patty. Don’t forget to make sure the size of the burgers is consistent and also works well with the bun size.

Tip #2: Grilling the Perfect Burger

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about actually grilling the perfect burger. First off, after you put the patties on, don’t use any utensils to press them down. That can cause you to lose flavor. Instead, make sure you flip the burger patties after the first side is done. This provides you with a more evenly cooked burger.

Some people’s personal favorite for burgers is medium-rare, which is an internal temperature of 135° Fahrenheit. Keep that meat thermometer close by while grilling to ensure that the temperature is just where you want it to be. Rare is 125℉, medium is 145℉, and well done is 165℉.

Though you may be working on grilling the perfect burger patty, don’t forget about the cheese and the bun. Throw that cheese on your patty about a minute before you take it off the grill for optimal meltiness. And toasted buns are the best buns. Add some butter and put those on the grill to toast a minute before the patties are done as well. And when everything is good to go, give the patties some time to rest before chowing down to really lock in that flavor.

Tip #3: Use a Great Grill

Perhaps the most important tip to grilling the perfect burger is making sure you have a grill up to the challenge. At The Pool People, we have a great selection of Kamado Joe grills. These ceramic grills are said to improve the flavor of grilled food.

We also offer a sensational line of Memphis Wood Fire Grills. These wood-fired grills allow you to grill a burger with a whole different flavor than gas grills. Memphis Grills in particular are also known for providing more efficient and clean grilling.

If you’re in the market for a great new grill to help you with grilling the perfect burger, stop in at The Pool People. Our knowledgeable team can teach you about our selection of grills and maybe even give you some tips on grilling with whichever model you chose.

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