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A fillet of fish is seasoned and ready to be grilled.
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3 Tips for Grilling Fish

Summertime is when our thoughts drift to the oceanside. We ponder memories of searching for shells along the shore as curious children. We fantasize about pulling off our neckties and skipping down to the water with our surfboards for an afternoon of riding the waves. When we close our eyes we can almost feel the salty spray of the water on our cheeks as we stand at the ocean’s edge, gazing at the calming undulation of waves kissing the shore and retreating to the depths. You don’t have to take a pricey beach vacation to find this beachy nirvana. With some savory fresh grilled fish by the pool, you can send your senses on an oceanside retreat. Whether you’re in Tahiti or Wisconsin, these 3 tips for grilling fish will have you floating away on a sea of summer flavor. 

Choose the Right Fish for Grilling

A plate of tasty grilled fish starts with the right piece of a grill-friendly fish. AllRecipes.com provides this advice: “The best fish fillets or steaks for grilling are at least 1-inch thick. The fish should appear unblemished, the flesh firm, and the smell fresh and briny like the sea.” If it smells fishy, it’s gonna taste fishy.

If at all possible, fresh fish should be grilled the same day you bring it home. You don’t want fresh fish sitting around long. Also, keep it in the refrigerator until it’s time to grill. Use fish steaks of the same thickness so they cook evenly at the same time.

Tailor Your Grill Method to Your Chosen Fish

Not all fish types can be grilled using the same methods. Knowing the way your fish of the day prefers to be grilled makes all the difference. First, thick and sturdy fish that don’t easily flake can be cooked right on the grill with direct heat. Spread oil on the grate before cooking and use tongs or a spatula to rotate and flip the fish. The firm fish you can use this method with include tilapia and salmon.

Next, more fragile fish fillets like flounder, or fish in small pieces, can be grilled in foil pouches. Fold your fish into a sealed foil envelope with some space to breath inside. Grill the whole pouch. There’s no need to flip the fish because the foil pouch allows steam to circulate and cook the whole fish at once. 

Last, firm small shellfish like shrimp or meaty fish chunks like swordfish or halibut can be grilled on wood skewers. You’ll want to soak your wood skewers in water for around 20 minutes or so to make sure they don’t grill and smoke along with the fish. Flipping a skewer of small fish pieces is a lot less work than individually flipping each piece.

Know When Your Fish is Fully Cooked

Always check closely to make sure your fish is fully cooked and safe to eat. According to Food Network, “Fish cooks quickly and is done when it flakes easily with a fork and the flesh appears opaque all the way through. If any part of the fish is partially translucent, return it to the grill for another few seconds.”

Let these 3 tips for grilling fish put you in a summery mood and inspire future days by the grill. Need a grill to go along with that delicious summer fare? Juniper is your source for professional-grade grills and equipment in Appleton. With a Kamado Joe® or Memphis Grills® wood pellet grill, you’ll find that grilling up your summer dishes are ultra easy and incredibly enjoyable. Ready to get your grill on? Come in to see us and pick out the perfect grill option for your home.

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