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3 Secrets to Improving Your Pool-Playing Game

You absolutely love playing pool. Oh, that blissful feel of the smooth cue across your fingers, that scratchy sound of the cue tip being chalked, and the sharp crack of the billiard balls crashing into each other. You could literally play all day. To build skill upon skill, continually work at improving your billiard basics. Whether you are a pool shark or a beginner, here are three secrets to improving your pool-playing game.

Evaluate Your Stance

A strong stance gives you the foundation to make your best shot. The best posture for your game should feel comfortable. Evenly distribute your weight on both feet. If you need to bend one of your legs, bend your front leg. Check that your feet aren’t too far apart or too wide. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. That stable base will allow you to line up your shot properly.

Prepare Your Shot

Geometry is paramount to the game of pool. Take time to line up your shot. There are tools and devices to help you with your alignment. You can get a laser pointer that sits on the top of a cue stick to help you see where you will strike the cue ball. You can also use the cue itself to help you see your lines. Study the geometry of the game to see how to strike to hit balls directly or to use tangent lines.

Hold the Cue Stick

Ensure that the pool stick is held properly. Hold it with your dominant hand near the end. The front of the stick should be on the table while the end should be near your hip. Make sure you are not holding it too tightly so it can slide forward and backward gently. Bring your body down so that your eyes can see the table and your shot. Create a bridge with your thumb, or loop your index finger and thumb so that your pool cue can move smoothly toward the ball.

One great tip for evaluating your basics is to shoot the ball with your non-dominant hand. This will force you to slow down and assess each action. You will think about your stance, preparation, how you hold the cue stick, and the positioning of your hand to hold your bridge. After evaluating each piece, your game will improve when you switch back to your dominant hand.

Want to practice your game-play more? Up your game with your own billiards table at home. The Pool People is your premier billiards authority. With brands like Olhausen, Brunswick, Golden West, and Imperial International, the selection you’ll find in our stores is unmatched. Stop in today at one of our three locations to sink your eight ball into an exceptional pool table from a brand that will provide you with the best in enjoyable game-play. We also offer cues, accessories and re-clothing options to make your billiard experience the best in the world. Come see the experts at The Pool People for all your billiard needs!


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