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3 Reasons Fall is the Best Time of Year for Grilling

BBQing may be the official sport of summer, but if you ask us, fall is the best time of year for grilling. It’s nice that when you grill it keeps you from having to heat up the kitchen during summer, but let’s be real. How often do you turn the burgers and rush back into your air-conditioned home? With fall, though, you really get to enjoy the whole grilling experience. Here are 3 reasons fall is the prime time for grilling. 

Fall weather was made for grilling. 

Hot grill, hot sun … there’s an awful lot of heat involved with summer grilling. But, during fall, you get to enjoy cooler temps while you sit out on the back deck and the grill does its thing. Plus, early fall weather is perfect for al fresco dining. Take dinner straight from the grill to the patio table and enjoy a leisurely meal outside. 

Tailgating … Need We Say More?

Is there any better tradition than tailgating? Fall means football and tailgating and we couldn’t be happier. Whether you’re taking your portable grill to the stadium and cooking some brats or you’re feeding your high school football player and his friends before they play, tailgating is a fun and delicious fall must-do. Of course, you can put whatever type of twist on tailgating that you want. For instance, fall is perfect for taking your grill with you to the lake when you’re going camping or fishing. And of course, you’ve got to fire it up for every autumn celebration or birthday.

Your grill makes the best game day foods.

Speaking of tailgating, all the best game day foods involve firing up the grill. There are burgers, pulled pork sliders, ribs, wings, chicken … is your mouth watering yet? If you ask us, pretty much everything tastes better with the addition of some smoky flavor. Need some recipe ideas? Try these 3 Things You’ve Never Grilled Before but You Need to Try Now this fall. 

Is it time to put your old grill out to pasture? Hurry in to get your new Kamado Joe® or Memphis Wood Fire Grill® in time for fall grilling! We’ve got the best tailgating and at-home grills around. Check out our selection at our Rhinelander, Stevens Point, or Schofield store locations.


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