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3 Ideas for the Best Family Staycation at Home

Things are slowly getting back to normal, but you still may not be ready to travel this summer. Even so, that doesn’t stop your kids from asking “What are we doing for vacation this summer?” or saying “I’m bored” over and over. So, how can you give your family the vacation they so desperately need, while still not traveling? Have a staycation at home! A staycation will give your family the time they need to have some fun and relax, while still doing something different than their normal summer activities. But how do you plan a staycation? Here are 3 ideas for the best family staycation at home to get you started.

Swim the Stress Away

Without fail, kids always want to swim in the hotel pool while on vacation. Sometimes this is even more exciting for them than the trip you had planned! This year, say goodbye to the hotel pool. You don’t need to be in that hot, humid pool room that smells so strongly of chlorine. Instead, bring the vacation to your home. Whether you have an above-ground or inground pool, your kids will be full of joy and entertained. If you have special pool toys you only take on vacation, break them out for your staycation. Or, let your kids get a couple of new pool toys. Make your swimming pool seem more special than it does on a regular day.

Rest and Relax

One of the most important parts of going on vacation is getting to relax. You may be thinking that if you’re vacationing at home, you won’t be able to relax. But, that’s not true with a hot tub! The warm water and soothing massage of the jets will help you relax, even in your home. Plus, you can even have family time in the hot tub! Often, public hot tubs will have age limits on them because there is no one on guard to set and monitor the temperature and time spent in the hot tub. But with you in charge, your children can enjoy the hot tub with you.

Have Some Fun on Land

The fun doesn’t have to only be in the water! There are plenty of ways for you to have a staycation without even touching the water. For example, you can teach your kids how to play billiards or have a foosball tournament. Missing fresh food from restaurants on vacation? Cook up some fresh food on your grill! Even better, you can combine all of these ideas and truly make the best family staycation at home.

Start Planning Your Staycation Today

Are you ready to start planning your staycation with these 3 ideas for the best family staycation at home? The Pool People are here to help! Whether you want to swim away the stress, rest and relax, have some fun on land, or all three, we can help you. We have all of the supplies and an expert team to make sure you have the best staycation ever. Contact us or stop by one of our locations today to get started on the best summer of your life!

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