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3 Hot Tub Health Benefits You Never Knew About

Owning a hot tub is the ultimate home luxury. Nothing compares to a relaxing dip in your own hot tub at the end of a long day. But do you know the plethora of helpful hot tub health benefits you receive as you soak? You might have heard by now how spending time in the hot tub can relieve stress and boost your metabolism. But those aren’t the only healing effects of hot tub time. Pour a glass of your favorite beverage and let these 3 hot tub health benefits you never knew about blow your mind.

Sleep Better

First, research has shown that ending your day with a wind down soak in the hot tub can actually help you sleep better. In a study from the McLean Hospital Sleep Disorders Center, insomniac patients tried hot water soaks before bed. Researchers from the study concluded, “Results of subjective measures showed that subjects experienced significantly ‘deeper’ and more restful sleep after hot baths.”

Not only did these sleep-deprived spa soakers find deeper sleep, they also experienced “significant improvement in sleep continuity.” Yes, it may be fun to stay up at night thinking about how much you love your hot tub. However, climbing in for a bit before bed can foster less interrupted and more restful sleep.

Build Your Insulin Sensitivity

Your insulin sensitivity affects how well your body manages your blood sugar levels. A healthy insulin sensitivity mitigates your risk of diseases like diabetes. Now, studies are showing that hot tub time can help insulin sensitivity as well. Researchers from Natural Alternatives International found that “Regular thermal therapy, using saunas or hot baths, has the potential to improve impaired insulin sensitivity.” Who knew something as fun as bubbling away in the hot tub could be so healthful!

Improve Your Heart Health

The hot tub health benefits don’t stop there. Your nightly soak can even improve your heart health! The relaxing vibes in your hot tub aren’t the only thing lowering your blood pressure. Professors at Harvard Medical School explained how frequent hot dips help thwart strokes and even heart attacks. Harvard Medical School professor of medicine Dr. Adolph Hutter explained, “The high temperatures in a warm tub or sauna cause your blood vessels to dilate, which lowers blood pressure.”

Soak Up These Hot Tub Health Benefits in Artesian Spas™ from Juniper

Hot tub owners everywhere are benefiting from the health benefits of owning a hot tub. Take it from Ron and Carolynn T., whose health pursuits brought them to their South Seas Spa by Artesian Spas™. Ron writes, “Since I’m a poet, allow me to put my testimonial to rhyme.

Happy Old Folks

I suffer from arthritis, and from neuropathy.
My doctor said a hot tub could be just the thing for me.
I went online to research the different brands out there.
It seemed to me, two or three were worthy of compare.

Grabbed my wife of sixty years and said, ‘Come with me honey.
Let’s check ‘em out so there’s no doubt we’ll wisely spend our money.’
We searched among the very best of those that could be had.
Then bought Artesian’s South Seas Spa, and, oh my gosh… WE’RE GLAD!”

-Ron & Carolynn T.

With the perfect hot tub, all of these benefits are yours for the taking. Juniper is your source for hot tubs in Wisconsin. Let our spa professionals service your hot tub so you can start reaping these hot tub health benefits today!

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