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3 new billiard games you need to try
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3 Billiard Games You Need to Try

When you are looking for fun and recreation, billiards with friends and family is a great way to have fun together. Sharpen your skills, socially engage, and get ready for a fantastic time together. Here’s 3 billiard games that you’ll absolutely love.

The Classic

If you want to feel like a pool pro, then classic 8-ball is a must. It’s the perfect game for two. Choosing solids (balls 1-7) or stripes (balls 9-15), the first person to get all of their set of balls in the pockets gets a chance to sink the 8 ball. But watch out! If you sink the white cue ball on your last turn, you’ve lost the whole game.

8-ball is incredibly fun, because it’s the most familiar game for billiards enthusiasts. From TV tournaments to billiard hall playing, it’s as familiar as it is fun. And it’s not the easist game, either. This medium-difficulty game will give you a run for your money on angles and positions, while following the rules precisely. And with a little smack talk thrown in, you and your opponent are sure to have a grand time!

The Pirate’s Favorite

What’s a pirate’s favorite billiard game? Most definitely cut throat! It’s the perfect game to choose if you have an odd number of players, or if you just want to throw a little mischief into the mix. Mischief, you ask? Oh, yes. You aren’t trying to sink your own balls… you are going for those of your opponents. 

All 15 balls are on the table, and you can divide them according to the number of players you have (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, etc). When it’s your turn, have at it! Go for as many of your opponent’s balls as you can sink each turn. Did you get one? Go again! You’ll continue until you miss and the turn moves on to the next player. The last one who has balls left on the table is the winner!

Call the Shots

Another super fun game is Bank Pool. When you want something that challenges your memory, your agility, and your geometry ability to work out angles, Bank Pool is the game for you. In Bank Pool, you’ll call the shots — from the ball number, to the cushion, to the pocket. Any ball pocketed without calling the shot is considered illegal, and the ball will return to the end of the table to be put back into play. Pocket any eight balls correctly with called shots and you are the winner!

With these 3 billiard games, you’ll have the best time. There’s a million different games to be played in billiards, but there’s only one ideal pool table for you. With Juniper, our Plank & Hide Tables are an outstanding choice for all of your recreational and professional needs. Plus, with the cues, racks, billiard balls, and other supplies you need, Juniper is your one-stop shop for all your billiard fun. Stop in one of our four convenient locations and let one of our experts help you find the table and gear that’s perfect for you. You’ll quickly agree that you’ve never had so much fun at home!

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