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3 Benefits to a Backyard Shed with a Porch

A backyard shed with a porch is also called a “cabin shed” or a “portable cabin” and offers a variety of benefits thanks to that extra space! How do you plan on using the additional square footage? Here are a few ideas to consider and try.

3 Benefits to a Backyard Shed with a Porch

Benefit #1 – Increase Your Property’s Value

Any additional useful square footage or aesthetic enhancement will naturally add to the value of your property. Investing in a shed with a porch will make your backyard more usable. Not only will there be extra storage for tools and toys alike, but they also look nice and provide a comfortable area to set up outdoor furniture. This enhanced backyard will increase the value of your home (more so than an empty backyard).

Benefit #2 – Improve Your Shed’s Functional Value

Improve your she’d functional value by making it a multi-purpose building. Weather-sensitive tools and machinery can be stored inside the shed, while firewood, potting soil, and the like can be stored on the connected porch – close to the related equipment, but off of the ground and largely protected from the elements.

Benefit #3 – Change the Overall Function of Your Shed

Sheds don’t have to be for storage alone! A backyard shed with a porch can be used to create a brand-new space, a specialty building essentially. 

Some of these ideas include a Backyard Oasis (think ice tea and lemonade after a hard day’s work), a Craft Studio (painting, quilting, or sewing), or a Garden Shed (seeds, seedlings, and planters).

Maybe your shed could be a Hobby House (think puzzles or model cars), a Music Studio (for your noisy teenagers or aspiring musician), or a Pool House (your chairs don’t need to be the only thing lounging)!

And with certain modifications, a backyard shed with a porch can easily serve as a Guest House for your visiting in-laws or a Weekend Retreat for visiting friends!

And of course, there are the perpetual favorites: the Man Cave and the She Shed! If he needs a place to keep all of the things she doesn’t want in the house, or if she wants a quiet place away from all of the noise, one of our Old Hickory Buildings with a porch will give you the space you need!

How to Get a Backyard Shed with a Porch

A porch can be added to a variety of our Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds, including Animal Shelters, Cabins, Gable Dormers, Garages, Mini Barns, Playhouses, Portable Buildings, Shed Dormers, Sheds, Storage Barns, Studio Sheds, and more.

When porches are added to a backyard shed, they are most often built one of two ways. The first is covered porches, built along an entire side of the shed, which provide space for seating or general usage. The second method is inset corner porches, which produce more of an entry feeling to the area.

Even easier than adding a porch to a backyard shed is purchasing a building with a porch. These models of Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds include a porch Playhouse, Deluxe Playhouse, and Side Porch.

Now that you know about the benefits of a backyard shed with a porch, give us a call here at The Pool People, and we will help you find the right shed for you.

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