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3 Backyard Pub Shed Ideas

You’ve heard of a “he-shed” and you’ve heard of a “she-shed”, but have you heard of the latest trend in backyard shed renovations? Backyard pub sheds! Backyard pub sheds give you a great place to host company and enjoy the outdoors that you just can’t get inside your house or at an actual pub. Forget about basement bars and bar carts — try these 3 backyard pub shed ideas to really bring the party to life.

The Perfect Indoor Pub

There is nothing like going to a pub to spend some time with friends and/or family. But what if you could make it your own private experience? With an indoor pub shed, all you have to do is follow your imagination. Add some quick flooring and paint the walls. Build a bar counter inside your shed with some shelves behind to store and display your supplies. Then, get some chairs, lighting, and music, and you’re all set! No more going to noisy pubs; you can enjoy visiting with your loved ones in the comfort of your personal pub in your own backyard.

Bringing the Fun Outdoors

Does your perfect pub include an outdoor seating area? Your backyard pub shed can include one, too, as long as it has some windows! All you have to do is add a counter ledge outside of the window ledge to create a barstool seating area. Think of an outdoor bar or concession stand, but better, because it’s in your backyard! You can store all of your supplies inside, and only one person needs to go in to make drinks, so you don’t even have to worry about decorating.

The Best of Both Worlds

Do both an indoor and an outdoor pub shed pique your interest? Why not have both? If you don’t have a cabana, you can design your shed to accommodate both indoor and outdoor options. All you have to do is design the indoor pub shed as you like, then add the counter ledges outside of the windows, and voila! You have a dual-functioning pub shed that you can use all year long.

What Kind of Shed is Best?

If you look up how to create a pub shed online, you will find ideas that involve building your shed from the ground up. Well, in our opinion, there’s a better and simpler option. Why build one yourself, with the possibility of it not working out correctly, when you could buy one ready to drive to your backyard?

When looking to create a backyard pub shed, there are many different types you can choose to buy. Pretty much any shed will work, even a cabana (just be sure to keep your supplies locked up). At The Pool People, we can help you pick out the perfect shed for whichever of these 3 backyard pub shed ideas work best for you. Plus, if you don’t want to buy a shed right away, we can set you up with a rent-to-own shed. Stop by one of our four Wisconsin locations today to find your perfect fit.

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