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10 Tips for Opening Your Above-Ground Pool

No doubt your family is itching for you to get your above-ground pool opened for the season. Juniper thought we’d help matters out by offering 10 tips for opening your above-ground pool. Now that spring is here, your thoughts are undoubtedly turning to basking in the sunshine and frolicking in that sparkling blue water. But how do you know if the time is right for your above-ground pool opening? Opening your pool too soon means more weeks of maintenance when you may not even be using the pool due to cool weather. The right time for the job is when the outside temperature is consistently around 70°. Let’s take a look at the steps to opening your above-ground pool.

1) Clearing the Cover of Your Above Ground Pool

After a winter of sitting idle, your above-ground pool cover may have accumulated some water and debris. If you have a pool cover pump, now is the time to put it to work removing any standing water on the cover. Once that is done, remove any fallen debris from the cover as well. You want to take care not to damage the cover during this process, so choose a soft broom for the job.

2) Cleaning the Cover

It is very helpful to have a second person to assist with cover cleaning and removal, as the cover is a heavy bulky item to deal with. Once you get the cover off, it will need to be cleaned. Use a solution of mild detergent or a product designed specifically for pool cover cleaning. Use a scrub brush to thoroughly but gently clean the surface. Let the cover spread out and dry thoroughly. Once it is dry, store it in a large storage container or another place that will keep it protected from insects or mice.

3) Reassemble the Pool Equipment

Following your manufacturer’s instructions, reinstall your pump and filter plugs, after removing your winterizing plugs. Reinstall your skimmer basket and return jets into the return lines. Remove the skimmer plate if you used one during the winter.

4) Add Water

Using a hose (a hose filter is a good idea), add water to the pool to a level halfway up the skimmer opening. 

5) Set Up the Pump and Filter

Connect the skimmer to the pump. Connect the pump to the filter. Connect the filter to any other equipment such as a heater or chlorinator. If you don’t have any other equipment, attach the hose to the return inlet. 

6) Fire Up the Pump and Filter

Now it’s time to fire up the pump and filter and wake them up from their long winter nap. Always follow your manufacturer’s instructions. This is a good time to check for leaks and drips. 

7) Give the Pool a Thorough Cleaning

Now is the time to clean your pool for the season. Brush the walls and vacuum the pool floor thoroughly. Give the surface of the water a skim to collect any floating debris. 

8) Reinstall Your Above Ground Pool Accessories

Replace any pool ladders or other accessories that you have removed for the winter season. 

9) Add Pool Chemicals & Shock

Add your pool chemicals, using a liquid test kit or chemical test strips to make sure all chemicals are properly balanced. Once you are satisfied with your chemical levels, add pool shock.

10) Run the Pool Pump

Before you collapse in a chaise lounge, turn on your pool pump and let it run for at least 24 hours. Keep an eye on the filter as a lot of debris may be pumped out at first and need to be cleaned out. Before diving into the pool, check the chemical levels one more time, and you should be good to go!


Juniper hopes these 10 tips for opening your above-ground pool will be the jump start you need to launch your swim season. If after all, you decide you want to have the pros open your above-ground pool, you can sign up for Juniper’s pool opening service and let us do the work for you. Remember we are here with all the supplies you need for a successful pool opening, and our knowledgeable staff is on hand to answer all of your questions.

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